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A youth sector response to the homelessness agenda in Wales

Author: Nick Hudd, Pembrokeshire Youth Service, 2019
Nick Hudd discusses the role of the youth work sector in addressing youth homelessness. He argues that the youth sector are well adept in providing support to young people experiencing the issues that can cause homelessness and, for those who sense a departure from more traditional forms of youth work, suggests that this agenda allows youth work practitioners to exercise their skills and experience in a way that can have a real impact.

The Yanks are Coming

Author: Bert Jones 2006

The Youth Service in England and Wales – Extracts from the Albemarle Report

Author: National Youth Bureau 1982

The Youth Service in England and Wales Report of the Committee appointed by the Minister of Education In November 1958 

The Youth Service In England and Wales – The Albemarle Report

Author: HMSO 1960

The Youth Service in Wales – BJ Griffiths

Author: BJ Griffiths, WJEC c1980s

YEPF Delivering the Youth Guarantee in Wales: Draft Guidance

Author: Welsh Government 2014
This document is in support of the Youth engagement and progression framework. This document provides initial guidance to local authorities and key partners regarding the Youth Guarantee and the key processes that need to be put in place to ensure young people remain engaged in education, employment or training. The document will be informed by pilot activity and will be finalised in autumn 2014 before the Youth Guarantee is implemented across Wales.

In the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework Implementation Plan we commit to introducing a guarantee to a place in education or training for young people leaving compulsory education for the first time. Our Youth Guarantee is the “offer, acceptance and commencement of a suitable place in education or training for a young person making the first time transition from compulsory education at age 16.”

The Youth Guarantee is being piloted in the North and West regions of Wales from November 2013 to October 2014. It is planned that the Youth Guarantee will be rolled out across Wales from November 2014 to October 2015. This means that the first young people will take up their offers under the Guarantee in September and October 2015.

YEPF Formative Evaluation of the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework

Author: Welsh Government 2015

The Youth Engagement and Progression Framework (YEPF) aims to reduce the number of young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). The Framework has six components, proven to be effective at increasing youth engagement and progression when implemented together as part of a strategy. These are: early identification, better brokerage and coordination of support; stronger tracking and transition of young people; ensuring provision meets the needs of young people; a focus on employability skills and opportunities for employment among young people; and greater accountability. Local authorities (LAs) have been charged with the role of leading implementation of the Framework, working closely with Careers Wales, youth services, schools, training providers to those aged 16 and over and other partners.  

The evaluation aimed to assess progress made to implement the Framework and the effectiveness of implementation processes with a view to considering whether the non-statutory guidance is sufficient to achieve the Welsh Government’s ambitions and targets and identifying learning to improve guidance and implementation. 

YEPF Youth Engagement and Progression Framework Implementation Plan


This document is focused on reducing the number of young people aged 11 to 25 who are not engaged in education, employment or training (NEET). All parts of the system from Welsh Government, National Partners, local authorities and providers will need to work together to successfully implement this plan. The plan sets out the different roles and responsibilities of key players and expectations for how each partner will deliver. Partners include senior leaders in local authorities, Careers Wales, the Youth Service and providers (schools, further education (FE) colleges, work-based learning (WBL)). 

The Youth engagement and progression framework – Implementation plan has six key elements:

  1. Identifying young people most at risk of disengagement.
  2. Better brokerage and coordination of support.
  3. Stronger tracking and transitions of young people through the system.
  4. Ensuring provision meets the needs of young people.
  5. Strengthening employability skills and opportunities for employment.
  6. Greater accountability for better outcomes for young people.

There are two new offers to young people through the framework.

  • The first is the allocation of single point of contact (a lead worker) to the most at-risk young people to help ensure that support is delivered in a joined up and coordinated way and that works to meet their needs.
  • The second is the development of a proactive and positive Youth Guarantee that will help to ensure that every young person has access to a suitable place in learning post-16. 

Ymlaen 06 2003


Issue 11 Summer 2003

4 News 
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26 Staff College and the new QCA Level 4 programme 
28  Tooled up - toolkit for curriculum planning 
29  Dafydd Baker of Chequers 

Ymlaen 12 2003


Issue 12 Winter 2003 


4 News
9 Good practice in photographing young people
10 Social inclusion, partnerships and learning – the role of the Youth Service in Extending Entitlement - John Holmes
14 Llanrumney generation project bridges the age gap 
16 Overview of the European YOUTH funding programme, plus connecting futures in Azerbaijan 
18 Veronica Wilson discusses the concept of young people’s participation
21 Courtney Taylor poses the question, is youth work training in Wales standing still or moving forward?
24 Bert Jones talks about sustainable youth work at the Youth Cymru conference
28 The Handy Guide to Self Assessment and YWSPP Toolkit 
30 Janice Roberts of Denbighshire Youth Service