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Refugee Inclusion Strategy – its Impact on Integration in Newport

Author: Efrem Mengisteab, University of Newport 2013

BA dissertation which examined the impact of the 2008 Refugee Inclusion Strategy of Wales on the integration of young asylum seekers and refugees aged between 16 and 25, living in Newport City. The study explored the young people’s own perception of integration, and their experience and challenges throughout the process in relation to social and youth provisions. Qualitative methodology was adopted as the best approach for this study in order to explore experiences, emotions and feelings as well as identifying problems. Interviews were conducted with fourteen young asylum seekers and refugees in order to address the research topic.

Despite the fact that the youth service has a responsibility to deliver services as stated in the Refugee Inclusion Strategy, and despite the fact that effective youth service plays a significant role in promoting young people’s educational, personal and social development in every aspect, this study finds that the majority of the participants did not have knowledge or experience of youth work delivered by the youth service in Newport City. Some related youth work was facilitated by voluntary groups to support this vulnerable group of people. The Newport Youth Service needs to reach out to these disadvantaged young people with greater awareness and understanding to ensure inclusion for sustainable integration.   

Remembering Bert Jones 1935-2006

Author: John Rose, 2008
Transcript of a talk in memory of Bert Jones given by John Rose to the History of Youth Work conference in Durham in 2008. Bert and John had attended a number of these History conferences, running workshops and contributing to the discussions.  The subsequent book, Essays in the History of Youth and Community Work was published in 2009 in memory of Bert.

Requirements for NYA Endorsement of Youth Support Worker Qualifications 2005

Author: National Youth Agency 2005

Response to Labour Party consultation on involving young people in the political process

Author: John Rose, 2013
Personal response to 2013 Labour Party consultation on how to better involve young people in the political process. Questions addressed are how best the Labour Party can:

  • Engage more young people in the political process and show how politics counts for them and issues they care about

  • Change the way politics works so it is more inclusive and better communicates with young people

Role of the Youth Service in Young People’s Partnerships (YPPs) – Seminar Report

Wales Youth Agency 2003

The role and value of youth work in current and emerging agendas in Wales

Author: Grwp Prif Swyddogion Ieuenctid 2015

The role of Youth Work in youth crime prevention and support in Wales

Author: Grwp Prif Swyddogion Ieuenctid 2016