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Lady Albemarle’s Boys

National Youth Bureau 1982

Learning Country: Learning Pathways 14-19 – A consultation response by the Wales Youth Agency

Author: Wales Youth Agency 2003

Wales Youth Agency response to consultation welcomes this significant Welsh Assembly Government document. In recognising the importance of all young people within the wider economic and social agenda of Wales, WYA stresses that community-based non-formal learning must be promoted as having a valid and valued place alongside formal learning and work related vocational learning.

Learning is for Everyone (LIFE) – CWVYS response to Welsh Office Green Paper.

Author: CWVYS 1998
Learning is for Everyone (LIFE) Introduction This paper gives the Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services' response to the Welsh Office Green Paper- "Learning is for Everyone" (LIFE). The Council is a national umbrella organisation representing 30 national voluntary youth organisations in Wales. The growing demand for Welsh language youth services is one that many voluntary youth organisations cannot respond to.

Learning is for Everyone (LIFE) – Wales Youth Agency Response to Welsh Office Green Paper

Author: Wales Youth Agency 1998

Learning Pathways 14-19 Guidance: Circular 37/2004

Author: National Assembly for Wales 2004

This guidance aims to provide details about how Learning Pathways 14-19 will work in practice to benefit young people, the economy and communities in Wales. It builds on the Action Plan 2003 and is part of a series which will continue to build on the experience and expertise of all concerned.

Lifelong Learning – A Youth Service Response

Author: Unknown

Lifelong Learning – Role of The Youth Service

Author: Unknown

Lifelong Learning – Wrexham Consultation meeting 3rd June 1998

Author: NEWI 1988

Llangollen and District Young Farmers’ Club

Author: Llangollen &District YFC 2000

Background to Llangollen and District YFC

Local Authority Involvement in Young People’s Partnerships (YPPs)

Wales Youth Agency 2002