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‘It’s where we send the naughty kids’. A comparative analysis of youth worker and teacher perceptions of each other

Author: Julia Swallow-Edwards, Cardiff Metropolitan University 2021
A comparative analysis of youth worker and teacher perceptions of each other, in five secondary school settings in South Wales.

MA thesis. The aim of the study was to undertake a small scale comparative analysis of youth worker and teacher perceptions of each other, in five secondary school settings in South Wales. The objectives of the research were to gain an insight into, and better understand the views and lived experiences of both teachers and youth workers practicing in state run secondary school provisions, in order to improve project effectiveness and contextualise youth worker contributions within formal education settings.

Addressing problems facing young women today – 15plus group 1988

Author: Treherbert Youth Centre, Mid Glamorgan Youth Service 1988

Report on project to attract older teenage girls and address their concerns. Workshops on Health & Beauty, Family Planning, Rape and Self Defence, and Drugs and Alcohol Abuse were held.

Adolescents and Society – The Arthur Mellows Lecture 1962

Author: National Youth Bureau 1982

Adolescents and Society By James Hemming Phd The Arthur Mellows Lecture 1962. Part of a pack of significant documents relating to the origins and development of youth work.  Of particular value to policy makers, trainers and students.

Agenda for a Generation – Building Effective Youth Work

Author: UK Youth Work Alliance, 1996

This paper, prepared by a UK-wide alliance of representative youth work bodies, sets out the basis for a fully developed and properly resourced youth policy which the country needs now.



AGENDA: a young people’s guide to making relationships matter


Albemarle Report synopsis

Author: Bernard Davies, National Youth Agency 2000

Summary of advances brought about by the Albemarle report of 1960.

An Exploration of Youth Work’s Impact on the Subjective Well-being of Young People

Author: Darrel Williams, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, 2021
A phenomenological Study of Youth Work in Wales

This PhD study aimed to critically explore whether Youth Work can have an impact on the subjective well-being (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD, 2013) of young people. To achieve this, a phenomenological research methodology has been utilised to research young people’s experiences of youth and community work across Wales in urban, rural and former industrial areas.  The study employed a process of in-depth interviews with young people which supported young people to share their experiences of Youth Work and to identify the essence of its contribution to their subjective well-being (SWB).

The study identified four key themes integral to the relationship between Youth Work and subjective well-being of young people.  These key themes are: firstly, the significance of consistency while growing up; secondly, the significance of key people; thirdly, the importance of place; fourthly, the significance of diverse experiences in Youth Work.    The study identified 18 sub-themes which detail distinct elements of Youth Work and its contribution to the enhancement of subjective well-being.  These key themes and sub themes enhance SWB by acting on the life satisfaction, life meaning and happiness of young people.

To explore these themes a model has been developed which utilises the interrelationship of ecological systems (Watling Neal and Neal, 2013) and Youth Work.  This analysis recognises that social change is, for some young people, making a satisfactory transition to adulthood increasingly difficult and that Youth Work has a role which can ease this transition through enhancing SWB.  Overall, it is concluded that Youth Work, based on a distinct set of characteristics, provides participants with opportunities to enhance their subjective well-being.

Analysis and Evaluation of a Development and Learning Project

Author: Darrel Williams 2003

Arson Awareness Project

Author: Steve Khaireh, Butetown Pavilion 2008

Short report of a project aimed to provide a significant range of opportunities to young people in the Butetown area of Cardiff by offering new opportunities and challenges, promoting a safe and fear-free environment with a particular emphasis on Arson Crime and improving the quality of life in the community.

The scheme aimed to improve a young person's CV through experiential learning and accredited opportunities helping them make positive changes and influence their patterns of behaviour.

Audit of Local Authority Youth Service 2000-2001

Author: John Holmes, Wales Youth Agency 2003

Summary of findings from 10 local authority Youth Services for 2000-2001, covering:

1. Details of Youth Service – location within LA / basic details
2. Youth population / spending per head / expenditure
3. Type of youth provision
4. Funding sources
5. Staffing levels
6. Staff development and training